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Dolls are microcosms of our human experience. They are miniature expressions of who we are, who we’ve been and who we aspire to be. And although I’ve collected dolls from every part of the globe, from every era, and from every <<milieu,>> in the world of dolls-- all roads lead to Barbie (by Mattel).


In recent years, the doll industry has become flooded (and rightfully so) with Barbie’s familiar form. You can literally buy Barbies---as well as her many imitators--- by the BAG at many thrift stores. Ten years ago, as I sat sifting thru a bone pile of sorely-neglected vinyl beauties-- hair chopped, smiling faces marred by ink and felt pen--it occured to me that with a little artistic ingenuity as well as a sense of fashion and fun, any one of these dolls could become every bit as desirable and as valuable as that rare 1959 original Barbie in the box for which us dedicated doll collectors eternally search.


Enter my own Anne Marie Wharton’s DOLL SCHOOL. By attending my series of classes, each student can take any run-of-the mill fashion doll and redefine her into a unique expression of miniaturized beauty that will reflect that student’s personal sense of aesthetics, interests and passions.


Students will learn to create not only clothes for their dolls, but they will also become proficient in accessorizing according to that particular doll’s “lifestyle.” * Designer purses * Shopping bags * Books/magazines * Cosmetics *Cell phones/ phone bills The possibilities are ENDLESS!!